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Sharjah is the UAE's third-largest emirate and the only one with land on both the Gulf of Oman and the Persian Gulf. Given the different accessible jurisdictions in the UAE, it has been one of the top choices for business creation among young entrepreneurs. Because Sharjah represents the UAE's cultural and historical side, emerging small to medium-sized companies will be able to keep up with the competition.

It is also easier to start a business in the emirate than elsewhere. Sharjah is a rising economic zone that offers several advantages to entrepreneurs and start-ups for Freezone business setup in Sharjah.



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Advantages Of Establishing Business In The Sharjah Free Zone

  • A very reasonable and inexpensive choice for establishing a business in the UAE.
  • The company formation application process can be started from any location on the globe.
  • 100 percent capital and profit repatriation
  • It is not necessary to obtain a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from your present sponsor to become a shareholder of your new firm. There are no paid-up share capital or yearly audit requirements to be submitted.
  • Options for partner or investor visas will be presented to you.

Types of Licences in
Sharjah Free Zone

You'll need a valid business licence to start a business in the UAE. To obtain a Sharjah free zone licence, one must first define the type of economic activity that will be carried out since this will determine the number of permits required. Sharjah Free Zone offers three different types of licences


Business Licence

This type of licence is available to businesses that operate in the buying and selling of goods. The free zone authorities will offer you a commercial licence if you choose a business activity that falls under commercial activity. Commercial activities include logistics, automobile rental, and real estate services.


Professional Licence

Businesses that provide services are granted this type of licence. They could be service providers, professionals, artisans, or craftspeople. Management consulting, law firms, auditing and accounting firms, educational institutions, and medical services are included.


Trading Licence

Businesses engaged in industrial and manufacturing activity are granted this licence. To obtain this licence, you must have a physical office in the country. Manufacturing of food products, furniture producers, metal casing, and packing are all included.

Types of Business Entities Allowed
In The Sharjah Free Zone

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A single shareholder limited liability company is called a Free Zone Establishment (FZE).

FZC (Free Zone Company)

It is a multiple shareholder limited liability company with 2 to 5 investors that can be formed.

Process To Start A
Business On the Freezone

Process To Start a Business

Process To Start a Business  


Why choose Global Biz Setup?

Why choose
Global Biz Setup?

Setting up a business in the Sharjah Free Zone offers significant profit margins, tax breaks, world-class infrastructure, modern amenities, and no trade barriers. Our Sharjah free zone company setup services assists international investors, business people, and businesses in informing firms in Sharjah, allowing them to take advantage of all the benefits that a booming economic trading hub has to offer. The Global Biz Setup team is well-equipped to assist you in managing regulatory matters professionally and securely that meet your business requirements. Our professionals handle all banking, visa, legal, and licensing requirements.