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For someone from a business background, an offshore company setup in Dubai is one of the most cost-effective, tax-efficient corporate edifices for managing foreign trade. As compared to the varying business models in the UAE, this type of business model is the fastest growing and simplest in the lot. Therefore, setting up business in Dubai offshore business setup is a piece of cake as it lets the entrepreneurs open multi-currency accounts and take their businesses overseas.

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Understanding international business companies

  • When a business entity from a Dubai offshore company is registered to have a non-resident situation, it becomes a part of the international business companies.
  • These types of businesses are then administered by the offshore company regulations and the trade laws set up in the foreign country.
  • Since most of these businesses are owned and controlled by overseas traders, with a vast majority of those who enterprise in the international market, this Dubai offshore business setup gets its name as non-resident companies or international business.
  • A key feature of these setups is that they cannot carry out business activities of any sort with the residents of Dubai. They are also not permitted to have a physical presence within the UAE.

Perks of opting for
Dubai offshore business setup


An overseas status to the business with a really high % of tax exemption(personal, corporate and professional).


This thereby lets the investors maximize their profit while working in Dubai as the tax minimises.


Doing trade under liberal government laws and policies with an added advantage of economic and political stability of the jurisdiction with 100% return of profits and capital.


Allows the investors to exercise their right to complete anonymity, confidentiality and even privacy in operations.


The provision of not filling the audit reports but still availing of 100% asset protection is a unique feature of this type of business model.


The investors are not tied under a fixed minimum capital requirement under Dubai offshore business setup. Protection of investment, however, is still attainable in this sphere of business.

What are the process and prerequisites <br><span style='color:#fff;'>of Dubai Offshore business setup</span>

What are the process and prerequisites
of Dubai Offshore business setup

For the process of setting up a business in Dubai offshore, here is a list of prerequisites:

  • The requirement of shareholders to visit the authority.
  • A minimum of one shareholder is required for business setup.
  • A minimum of two directors for the setup of the Dubai Offshore business.
  • A UAE resident secretary is also required.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement for the company and it can be in any amount and in any denomination.
  • There is no requirement for a capital deposit in the bank.
  • The business should have a suffix with its name. In the Dubai Offshore business setup, it is Limited, for example, XYZ Holding Limited.
  • The repatriation of profit is possible.
  • Certain documents such as the passport, residence proof, etc, are required. The documents should be the latest and original so that they can be used for the steps ahead and for verification purposes.
  • Post the completion of the documentation, the time required for the setup of and start of a Dubai Offshore company is 6-7 working days.
Why choose Global Biz Setup?

Why choose
Global Biz Setup?

With Global Biz Setup around, establishing business overseas could not have been as easy as it is now. With a team of highly specialized members, Global Biz Setup will help in setting up all the documents needed in the process of Dubai offshore business setup. For any consultants regarding the same, our panel of professionals are right there to assist and help you maximise your profile while doing business abroad.