About Us

At a Glance

Global Biz Setup, a renowned name in the industry, was established with the agenda of assisting individuals in commencing a business hassle-free in any emirate of the UAE.

Since its inception, we have helped a host of entrepreneurs set up their own businesses in the UAE.

Known for extending customised, full-fledged business setup services, we aim to free you from the tiresome procedure of business setup in the UAE.

At a Glance

Meet the Team

With a team of over 35 years of collective experience, we help you to walk on an effortless path for doing business in this country. Our professionals have honed their expertise in extending quality business advisory to our clients. From the initial stages to the very end, we ensure to stand by your side and offer assistance through our business setup services.

Mr Pawan Gupta (Group CFO)

A competent and result-oriented professional, Mr Pawan Gupta is the man behind the management of Global Biz Setup’s financial operations and strategy. With his experience and articulate sense of detail, he is known to preserve our assets and manage the books successfully.

Mr Maitray Patel (CMO)

The backbone of our marketing department, Mr Maitray Patel, is the driving force behind revenue and sales through marketing activities. With his incessant energy, Mr Patel can be found wearing different hats to lead the company’s management and marketing activities that result in growth.

Mr Sumit Tayal (COO)

The Swiss Army Knife of our company, Mr Sumit Tayal, is the driving force of our day-to-day operations. He’s the team’s Jovial spark plug who leaves no stone unturned to execute our long-term goals.

Mr Amit Kumar Gupta (CTO)

The Techno Head of Global Biz Digital, Mr Amit, loves to stay on top of emerging tech trends and implements new software to assist our firm in scaling growth. With his skills and abilities, he ensures that the tech strategy aligns with our overall goals.

Mr Ramneek Kochar
(Director, Public Relations)

Mr Ramneek is known as the powerhouse of ideas when it comes to the strategy, measurement and execution of PR & Media Relation Campaigns. He likes the excitement of new challenges and thrives to create a great working environment for his team.

Mrs Ranjana Gupta
(Director of Sales, Services and Sourcing)

Mrs Ranjana’s world revolves around targets, and she leads our Sales squad. With her analytical bend of mind, she develops and executes strategic plans to achieve our sales targets- while expanding our customer base.

Ms Sonika Bharti
(Head, Worldwide Corporate Service)

Critical support to Global Biz Setup, Ms Sonika Bharti, works towards maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the organisation. She’s the centre of effective project delivery and oversees finance, human resources, risk, legal and compliance functions.

Mr Rajesh Shah
(Head of Corporate Service, UAE)

Mr Rajesh Shah is the Head of Corporate Service in UAE. From monitoring the work culture to establishing procurement policies, he does it all with passion and perseverance.

Mr Pankaj Singhal (Head, Corporate Services, India)

The man behind the smooth flow of work in India, Mr Pankaj, has the ability to handle everything from soup to nuts. With his in-depth understanding of management, he works to establish good working relationships between the employees and the board.