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Mainland Business Setup in
Abu Dhabi

Every business owner dreams of setting up their business in a region with a booming economy, right? Abu Dhabi, the capital of UAE, offers prime perks by providing one of the fastest growing and the wealthiest markets in the world. Emirates just does not take pride in being the largest oil producer but it also boasts about the heavily funded real estate, retail, industrial development and tourism. Therefore, the finest location, the esteemed and the diversely expanding economy of this land make Abu  Dhabi Mainland the right choice for setting up a business. If one wishes to get the maximum benefits of this mainland, the best way would be to get in touch with the Global Biz Setup Consultants. With the right guidance from them, one can set up their own business in Mainland Abu Dhabi hassle-free. Setting up a business here in no time is just a stone's throw away.

Talk to our business setup export

Talk to our
business setup export

Advantages of setting up a business in Mainland Abu Dhabi

  • Get the best and low rent costs for office spaces and buildings for commercial use.
  • Make the investor your partner in the firm with ease.
  • Get a commercial license that is valid for 2 years.
  • Opening up a global commercial bank account in Mainland Abu Dhabi is a cakewalk.
  • Avail of the benefits of the most competitive freight charges.
  • Ease of application for local visas.

License options available in
Mainland Abu Dhabi

To legally operate in the UAE, having a valid business license is a must. A business owner can therefore choose from the following types of licenses in Abu Dhabi.


Commercial license

Businesses like public trading companies, clinics, hospitals, construction companies, etc are expected to get a commercial license. This is a necessity for them to perform general business activities.


Occupational license

Businesses like law and accounting firms, audit and research firms, etc, need to get an occupational license. This is a condition for those firms in which individuals use their intelligence, abilities and their talent to serve clients.


Industrial license

Industry based businesses need to get this license. Companies that plan to open a factory and manufacture in Abu Dhabi come under this category.


Professional license

Firms such as carpentry, smithery, steelwork and others that are craft-related are expected to get this license. Firms that are based on craftsmanship where a single individual or five people can work require a professional license.


Tourism license

Companies that offer services like hotels, and travel agencies come under this category. This license is given by Dubai Tourism and Cultural Authority for tourism-related services.

Process To Start A
Business On the Mainland

Process To Start a Business

Process To Start a Business  


Why choose Global Biz Setup?

Why choose
Global Biz Setup?

If you are unsure of where to start your business journey, we at Global Biz Setup are right there to help you set up your business in Mainland Abu Dhabi. We have expertise in providing the essential business tools and knowledge for the effortless and successful run of your business in a new territory. We will ensure to provide the right guidance throughout the entire process so that no roadblock can stop you from reaching the pedestal of your business. Call or get in touch with Global Biz Setup for forming your company in Abu Dhabi.