Dubai Mainland

Business Setup in
Dubai Mainland

Over the past few years, the UAE has expanded its industry to provide worldwide business opportunities in various areas. Now it has become incredibly adaptable, and it continues to increase the number of incentives available to new, established, and growing businesses.

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the regulatory authority for the issue of mainland licences. Mainland refers to the territory beyond the free zones.

Business setup in Dubai Mainland is permitted to conduct business freely throughout the UAE and globally. Further, having a mainland licence in Dubai gives you the most freedom and flexibility in growing and operating your business

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Talk to our
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Benefits for companies
operating under the Mainland

  • There is no initial capital required for forming a business.
  • The signup process is easy and quick.
  • Capacity to operate in both the private and public sectors
  • There is no limit on the number of visas that can be given (subject to office size)
  • Extremely low tax, with corporate taxes being practically zero
  • Allowing 100% foreign-owned businesses
  • the ability to diversify their enterprises into new areas

Your Licence Options with
Dubai Mainland


Professional Licence

The ex-pat partner owns 100 percent of the shares in a professional licence, and a UAE national is appointed as the Local Service Agent. Non-physical services, such as consulting, are covered by the licence.


Commercial Licence

To operate in the UAE, a company that deals with the purchasing and selling of products and commodities, or any other type of trading activity, needs a commercial trade licence. Further, one can use this licence to establish a limited liability company (LLC) or a single business in the UAE, and it can be used for both specialised and general trading.


Industrial Licence

Businesses wishing to engage in industrial or manufacturing-related activities in the UAE must first get an industrial trade licence, which allows them to engage in activities such as processing natural materials or combining natural resources into their end products.

Process To Start A
Business On the Mainland

Process To Start a Business

Process To Start a Business  


Why choose Global Biz Setup?

Why choose
Global Biz Setup?

Global Biz Setup helps you obtain a Dubai mainland company formation licence and start your business in the most demanded areas of the UAE. Our services cover the whole range of procedures needed in establishing a Mainland company in the UAE. We assist you with every step of the procedure, from company registration and trade licence acquisition through contract drafting and notarization of documents that you require during business setup in Dubai Mainland.