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One of the most developed emirates of UAE, Ajman is known for offering immense opportunities for business investment in the country. Business entities which are directly registered under the emirates governments and based in commercialised geographical locations can register as Ajman mainland companies. Known for an easy and economical business formation process, prime location and easy accessibility, Ajman mainland serves as an attractive investment hub for startups and small & medium enterprises across the world. Some of the popular industries in Ajman Mainland business setup include construction, real estate, transport, retail and business services.

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Advantages of Setting up a Business in Ajman Mainland

  • In comparison to other regions in UAE, LLC licence cost is relatively lower in Ajman
  • Ajman provides ease of doing business through access to two international airports and four seaports
  • Business offices and space are provided at low-cost rents.
  • Readily available raw materials which make company formation easy
  • Manufacturing units prefer setting up businesses due to the easy lease choices offered

Types of Business Licences Available in
Ajman Mainland


National Industrial Licence

To get this licence, businesses should be registered with the Gulf of Cooperation Council. Further, they must own at least 51% of shares and conduct 40% of the manufacturing processes in the free zone.


Trading Licence

businesses who plan to conduct trading activities in Ajman require this licence. The trading licence allows you to conduct import, export, and re-export of commodities and services in the UAE.


Industrial Licence

Businesses that require imports of raw materials for manufacturing, processing, or assembling of specific products.


Service Licence

businesses that engage in professional or service activities are required to apply for a professional or service licence.

How to start a business <br />in <span style='color:#fff;'>Ajman Mainland?</span>

How to start a business
in Ajman Mainland?

The process of establishing a business in Ajman mainland requires investors to reserve a business name and submit documents as per the type of business activity. Post-registration of name and document submission, you must get initial approval to ensure that you have met the requirements of inspection. Next, you need to follow up with the economic department of UAE and take external approvals if required for your business activity. Now, draft the Memorandum of Association, pay the required fees, and you will receive the licence to commence your business operations in Ajman mainland.

Why choose Global Biz Setup?

Why choose
Global Biz Setup?

For company formation in Ajman Mainland, you are required to have all documentation in place and complete all legal formalities. However, to make the process seem like a cakewalk, it is essential for you to have a seasoned professional by your side. We at Global Biz Setup offer numerous all-inclusive packages to assist you to establish your company in the Ajman Mainland. Our team is committed to offering the best possible guidance and assistance at every step to make the process simple and quick. Schedule an appointment to know more about business setup in Ajman Mainland.