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Sharjah Mainland Business Setup has tremendous growth potential and benefits. Sharjah, the Emirate with an investor-friendly attitude, has been one of the most popular business destinations since the turn of the millennium. Recognizing the Emirate's expanding importance as a vital business location, an increasing number of expats and foreign investors are forming companies in Sharjah Mainland.

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Benefits For Sharjah Mainland Business Setup

  • Get affordable rent
  • Bank account opening is quite easy
  • Investment is safe & secure
  • There is no business or personal income tax.
  • The legal framework in the modern era
  • Import, export, and commercial levies are all exempt from tax.
  • Profits and capital are fully repatriated.
  • Government incentives are appealing
  • The business setting is ideal.

Types Of Business Licences
In Sharjah Mainland

When starting a business in Sharjah, it is crucial to obtain a business licence. However, the type of business will determine the type of business licence necessary.


Professional Licence

A professional licence is required to start a professional firm. Professional licences are available for artists, architects, tutors, and other professionals. The authority will require you to present certificates and documentation validating your qualifications.


Industrial Licence

Industrial licences are required for companies that produce, build, or manufacture products. Only after an investigation of the industrial plant's social and environmental consequences will the licence be granted. Regardless of the type of business you plan, permits from agencies and organisations such as the ministry of health, business and trade, and the public welfare department will be required.


Commercial Licence

A commercial licence is required if you plan to engage in any form of commerce. This licence is required for all types of trading, including retail stores, automobile rental firms, and tourism businesses.

Process To Start A
Business On the Mainland

Process To Start a Business

Process To Start a Business  


Why choose Global Biz Setup?

Why choose
Global Biz Setup?

Global Biz Setup is a business platform in Sharjah. Our Sharjah-based experts have extensive experience in this subject and local knowledge. They can help the procedure go as smoothly as possible. Our extensive domain experience and understanding of Emirate regulations enable us to take care of our clients' passport, visa, and licensing requirements, ensuring that their tasks are performed quickly and without additional bureaucratic trouble. Please get in touch with us right away to know more about Sharjah Mainland Business Setup.