Twofour54 Free Zone

Twofour54 Free Zone

Established in the year 2008, Twofour54 is a Free zone renowned for providing business for local, regional and international media companies. Set up by the Media Zone Authority(MZA), this zone positions Abu Dhabi as a prominent player and a regional centre of excellence in the industry of Arabic media content. With an aim to provide an inclusive platform for the media and entertainment industry, this zone supervises the implementation of the strategies and the operational policies whilst creating content in various spheres(events, film, digital media, publishing, music, broadcast, gaming, etc). With an enormous talent pool of approximately 4,000 professionals, including 600 freelancers, Twofour54 is the house of prominent media houses such as CNN, Financial Times and BBC, etc.

Twofour54 is world-renowned to deliver advanced infrastructure on these 3 major pillars:

  • The training academy(Twofour54 Tadreeb)
  • Innovation and support centre(Twofour54 Ibtikar)
  • State of art production facilities(Twofour54 Intaj)

 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Twofour54</span> Free Zone

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The Perks of Setting up Business in <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Twofour54 Free Zone</span>

The Perks of Setting up Business in Twofour54 Free Zone


  • Completer foreign ownership
  • No taxes on import, personal and corporate income
  • Full repatriation of capital and profits
  • Ease of doing facilitated business networking with a unique campus
  • A cash allowance of 30% for international film and TV production
  • Media training academy for the media professionals on-site
  • Post-production and HD production facility on-site

Types of Business Entities
in the Tourfour54 Free Zone

Free Zone Limited Liability Company(FZ-LLB)

Includes independent shareholders, corporate shareholders or a combination of both as legal entities.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Free Zone Limited </span>Liability Company(FZ-LLB)
 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Freelancer</span>


An individual can work as a professional as a freelancer in a media and entertainment hub as a freelancer.

Branch of a company

An existing company can open its branch or a foreign company operating in one of the UAE jurisdictions.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Branch of a</span> company
 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Start</span>-up


An individual can choose whether to initiate a start-up company in the field of web and cinema, digital content creation and production or not.

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With a plethora of opportunities and incentives for entrepreneurs and start-ups, this zone facilitates growth and development. By the implementation of transparent, productive, invariant and effective regulation that contributes to the GDP of Abu Dhabi, one can make use of the services provided. From being cost-effective to being the ideal location due to its proximity to Downtown Dubai, the Twofour54 Free Zone promises a business ecosystem so that firms and freelancers can have the ease of networking and endless business opportunities. However, to channel the potential of this zone, one needs expert guidance throughout the way. From the application process to the ultimate setup, you can trust Global Biz Setup to walk by your side. As a reliable partner and a trusted guide, Global Biz Setup can be your ideal team of business advisors for business setup in the Media Zone Authority. Reach out to a leading lot of business handlers at Global Biz Setup and maximise your profits.