Jebel Ali Free Zone

Jebel Ali Free Zone

The flagship operation of Dubai-based and state-owned 'Economic Zones World'. Jebel Ali Free Zone (JAFZA) was established in 1985 and offers land, light industrial units, offices, and warehouses on a long-term lease. JAFZA is one of the world's largest service-oriented and customer-centric free zones, covering 48 square kilometres. Free of red tape and constraints, JAFZA offers its clients an atmosphere that is most favourable to development.

That this free zone is situated in a crucial area is also a given. JAFZA is situated close to Jebel Ali Port, the world's biggest man-made port in the Middle East and the sixth-largest container port in the world, serviced by 150 shipping lines and 90 weekly services. Attracting the crème de la crème of investors from all over the world (including the Middle East, Europe, the Indian Subcontinent, North America, and Africa), JAFZA has become a worldwide commercial and industrial centre.

Jebel Ali <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Free Zone</span>

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The Benefits of Setting Up A Business in <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Jebel Ali Free Zone</span>

The Benefits of Setting Up A Business in Jebel Ali Free Zone


  • No limitations on minimum capital investment
  • 100% foreign ownership: Jebel Ali Free Zone enables its customers to operate as their firms without any requirement for local cooperation.
  • A shareholder's responsibility is also restricted to the amount of its paid-up share capital.
  • The 50-year tax break for corporations and individuals with no corporate income tax.
  • Customs charges on import and re-export are zero per cent
  • There are no limits on recruiting foreign workers.

Types of business entities allowed
in the Jebel Ali Free Zone

Free Zone Establishment (FZE)

A single shareholder may establish a Free Zone Establishment (FZE) in JAFZA, regardless of whether they are a person or a corporation. Essentially, a FZE is a Limited Liability Company in the Free Zone.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Free Zone </span>Establishment (FZE)
<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Free Zone</span> Company (FZC/FZCO)

Free Zone Company (FZC/FZCO)

In Jebel Ali Free Zone, a Free Zone Company (FZCo) may be formed with as few as two shareholders or as many as fifty. Individuals (two to 50 persons), non-individuals (two to 50 businesses), or a mix of both may be shareholders in this venture. An FZCo is effectively a Restricted Liability Partnership (LLP) inside the Free Zone, with the company's obligations limited to the amount of money it has invested.

A Branch of a Foreign Company

Any company that has previously established itself outside of the Jebel Ali Free Zone may open a branch in the Free Zone.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>A Branch of</span> a Foreign Company
<span class='s-yellowtitle'>A Branch of</span> a Local Company

A Branch of a Local Company

A branch is regarded as a separate legal entity from its parent firm, and as such is wholly owned by the parent, operates under the same name, and engages in the same kinds of activities.

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At the Jebel Ali Free Zone, you will find a dynamic networking environment, a welcoming business climate, and a wide range of logistical services. JAFZA is the only free zone in the world that is placed halfway between a port and an airport, making it unique among free zones. If you wish to set up your business in Jebel Ali Free Zone, connect with us. We have a team of specialists who can help you with every step of the process.