International Media Production Zone

International Media Production Zone (IMPZ)

Dubai Production City, originally known as the International Media Production Zone (IMPZ), was founded in 2003 as a copy of Dubai Media City. IMPZ is a free zone in Dubai that caters to devoted media and production firms in the UAE. IMPZ is a great free zone in Dubai for media firms, such as broadcasting, internet, and other media types. The IMPZ free zone, which is located near Jumeirah Village South, offers numerous advantages to businesses engaged in printing and publishing, graphic design, and other media-related activities.

International Media <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Production Zone (IMPZ)</span>

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Benefits of Business Setup in <span class='s-yellowtitle'>IMPZ Free Zone</span>

Benefits of Business Setup in IMPZ Free Zone

You will find a development atmosphere in IMPZ, whether you are an entrepreneur or the owner of a foreign corporation, with the following business facilities:

  • Personal and capital taxes are exempted.
  • Operate at a low cost
  • Advanced infrastructures with Stable support services such as visas, taxes, and VAT
  • Incorporation mechanism simplified
  • 100% business ownership and 100% capital and earnings repatriation
  • There are no currency limits.
  • Laws and legal structures make it easy to start a business.
  • Infrastructure designed to support media production
  • Several modes of transportation are available.
  • A welcoming corporate environment created specifically for the media and printing industries.

Types Of Business Entities Allowed
In International Media Production Zone

Free Zone Limited Liability Company (FZ LLC)

An FZ LLC is a separate legal entity with individuals or corporations as shareholders. The type of business determines the amount of capital required.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Free Zone Limited</span> Liability Company (FZ LLC)
<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Branch</span> Office

Branch Office

Because it is linked to its parent corporation, a branch is not a legally different thing. A locally registered corporation or a foreign company can be the parent company.

Freelance Permit

A freelancer is an independent worker that works for themself and earns money by offering services. The Dubai Creative Cluster Authority (DCCA), which also offers a freelance permit, regulates IMPZ.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Freelance</span> Permit

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