Dubai International Financial Centre

Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

The Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), which opened in September 2004, is the world's fastest-growing international financial hub that serves the financial requirements of the Middle East. The DIFC's efficiency, operational openness, and basic principle of integrity have drawn top-tier corporations from across the world. The Dubai International Financial Market, a world-class stock exchange, was inaugurated in September 2005 at DIFC. This regulatory agency offers business licences to enterprises wanting to establish activities in this greatest intercontinental financial cluster situated between Singapore and Europe.

Dubai International <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Financial Centre (DIFC)</span>

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The Benefits of Setting up a<span class='s-yellowtitle'> Business in DIFC</span>

The Benefits of Setting up a Business in DIFC


  • Full repatriation of capital and profits is allowed, as is full ownership by foreigners.
  • There are no restrictions on foreign exchange.
  • There are no restrictions on foreign ownership.
  • The business environment adheres to international rules and regulations, as well as global best practices
  • Availability of experienced experts
  • A global stock market that lists both loans and equity (primary and secondary).

Types of Legal Entities Allowed
in the Dubai International Financial Centre

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

A limited liability corporation (LLC) is one in which the partners' liability is restricted to the amount of money they have invested.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Limited Liability</span> Company (LLC)
<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Branch</span> Office

Branch Office

The primary function of a branch office is to promote and sell the goods and services of the parent business, engage in transactions, conclude agreements in the name of the parent company, and provide customer support.


In Dubai, a general partner firm is a company owned by two or more partners.

<span class='s-yellowtitle'>Partnership</span>

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