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Whenever an investor considers starting a business in the United Arab Emirates, the very first name that comes to mind is Dubai. However, Sharjah's expansion over the last few decades has changed that perception, resulting in many people establishing businesses. The connectivity is superb for those considering Sharjah as a location to start a business.

The way business people and expats opt to open a branch office or start new company registration in Sharjah reflect the city's emergence as one of the most promising business centres. Sharjah has a number of investor-friendly policies that make it easier to start a business in the region. The helpful authorities and business setup services in Sharjah will help.  

A business can be formed in either the Mainland or the Free Zone. In Sharjah, the procedure for forming a corporation and the requirements for each domain are different. Starting a business without business setup consultants in Sharjah might make the process difficult. For professional advice and assistance with starting a business in Sharjah, contact Global Biz Setup.


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Types of business
Incorporations in Sharjah

Entrepreneurs in Sharjah have a variety of options for setting up a business and making their visions a reality.



New company registration in Sharjah mainland allows you to trade both in and out of UAE. There are no restrictions on work visas in the area, and Sharjah mainland enterprises are exempt from corporate and personal taxes. Furthermore, international investors or companies in the Sharjah mainland area can own 100 % when the Sharjah Economic Development Department (SEDD) announced a full foreign ownership policy for onshore or Mainland companies to motivate foreign investment.

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The advantages of forming a company in the Sharjah free zones are numerous. From granting 100 percent ownership to providing world-class infrastructure and allowing unrestricted trade within the same jurisdictions, the tax vacation concept exempts expat businesspeople from all international customs and taxes, including the recently imposed CIT and VAT. Businesses registered in Sharjah-free zones have an advantage in terms of infrastructure because the region's strategic location provides quick access to warehouses, cargo airports, and seaports, making it a viable venue for a wide range of sectors.

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Sharjah is one of the fastest-growing UAE economies, making it easy for businesses to thrive.
The following are some of the benefits of establishing a business in Sharjah:

  • Even in great neighbourhoods, leased office spaces are affordable.
  • Low living costs
  • Less crowded market/less competitive atmosphere
  • Operating a business at a low cost
  • Unlike other emirates, there are no monetary restrictions.
  • There is no obligation for an audit.
  • There is hardly any requirement for any form of cash.
  • The ability to choose the type of business activity

Procedure for Company Registration in Sharjah

The following process is needed for new company registration in Sharjah:


Type of Company

First and foremost, a person must determine the type of business that is appropriate for Sharjah company registration.


Application for company registration with the Department of Economic Development

The applicant would have to register with the Department of Economic Development after selecting an eligible structure and locating a local sponsor (DED).


Register With DED (Department of Economic Development )

The applicant would have to register with the Department of Economic Development after selecting an eligible structure and locating a local sponsor (DED).


Obtaining the appropriate licence

The applicant would next apply for the appropriate licence after registering the company. Trade licences, industrial licences, and professional licences are the three sorts of licences that can be applied for.


Contract of Lease

Companies must hire local personnel and have a physical office location in Sharjah as of 2019, according to Sharjah's government. If the applicant seeks office space in Sharjah, the applicant must first secure office space. The leasing agreement must be notarized after everything is completed.


Make a licence fee payment.

The application must be accompanied by payment of the appropriate licence fee. After this is finished, the company must obtain approval from the name board.


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When it comes to starting a business or growing an existing one, Global Biz Setup trained business setup consultants in Sharjah can assist you. We can help you with the basic stages of Business Setup in Sharjah and the subsequent steps such as finding the right office space, handling registration work, finance management, tax planning, and compliance, and VAT in the UAE, among others.