Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

For those hailing from the financial sector, particularly private banking, wealth management and asset management, Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone(ADGM) is the right place to set up a business. Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, and established in the year 2015, this zone provides an efficient and potent business environment for firms operating in the financial sector industry. This zone has showcased substantial progress in the infusion of domestic and international bigwigs, collaborating with crucial authorities like the UAE’s Central Bank, Economic Department in Abu Dhabi, Insurance Authority and Financial Service Commission in Jersey.

With 3 independent authorities that strive to provide a holistic environment, the companies operate from the centre, i.e., Registration Authorities, Financial Service Regulatory Authority and ADGM Courts.

Abu Dhabi  <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Global Market Free Zone</span>

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Benefits of setting up a business in <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone</span>

Benefits of setting up a business in Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone


  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • 0% tax for 50 years.
  • Repatriation of capital and profits with zero restrictions.
  • Common law jurisdiction.
  • Business procedures are simple and convenient.
  • Easy availability of dedicated and skilled professionals.
  • No need to have corporate attested and legalised documents.
  • The provision of getting registered addresses for special purpose vehicles as a registered agent.
  • Physical office space is not required.

Business entities in the
Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone

Company Limited by Shares

Business with at least one founder.

 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Company Limited</span> by Shares
 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Branch of a Foreign</span> Company

Branch of a Foreign Company

A foreign company can open a branch of the parent company with investment.

Company Limited by Guarantee

Business that requires a guarantor.

 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Company Limited</span> by Guarantee
 <span class='s-yellowtitle'>Partnership</span> Firms

Partnership Firms

Businesses opened with native firms in partnership.

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With benefits ranging from professional and business services, to financial ones, this free zone becomes an ideal location to set up a business. This location not just provides a hassle-free business platform for clients, but also ensures the support of the member institutions by providing an ideal regulatory framework. With the guidance of the right consultants, one can avail themselves of the benefits of an independent judicial system based on English Common Law, global connectivity and modern infrastructure, the permission of continuity of existing corporate entities and the no liquidator requirement for the process of winding down the business. To maximise the full potential of the Abu Dhabi Global Market Free Zone, one can always reach out to the finest business setup consultants. We, at Global Biz Setup, will be the right partner in this endeavour. Reach out to us for any friendly advice or questions that you may have. We look forward to assisting you.