A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting an Offshore Business in Dubai

A Step-By-Step Guide to Starting an Offshore Business in Dubai

23rd, Sep 2022

The most common business setup in the UAE is the formation of an offshore company. An offshore corporation is a foreign corporate entity that offers low or no tax benefits.

Additionally, Dubai's offshore business setup provides the benefit of managing finances & businesses, making smart foreign investments, and operating companies freely and easily.

An offshore business is registered in Dubai but is permitted to have its headquarters elsewhere, outside of Dubai. Limited liability corporations, limited businesses, and limited partnerships can all be formed offshore in Dubai.

The following are the steps for establishing an offshore business in Dubai:

It's not surprising that businesses are interested in offshore corporations, given the several exceptional benefits of forming a company in Dubai. Dubai's offshore business is growing, not contracting! The process is very straightforward if you're ready to launch your own business.

1. Select a business venture.

Which free zones you can or should set up your firm in may depend on your business type. For instance, certain free zones only accept specific activity categories, like media, transportation, or healthcare. Despite the limitations, it is always a good idea to be near other companies operating in the same industry. You can even consider transportation options as well. You should probably pick one of the free zones located close to an airport or port if your company depends substantially on imports and exports.

2. Decide on a company name.

Before choosing a company name, be sure it adheres to the UAE's restrictive naming conventions. Any names that contain obscenity are prohibited, as are business names that mention religious, sectarian, or political organizations. The individual must be a partner or owner of the business if you decide to name your company after them, and their complete name must be used—no initials or abbreviations are permitted.

3. Finalize all required documentation

You will need to fill out an application for your chosen company name and activity, which you will submit to the appropriate government officials, and copies of shareholders' passports. A business plan or Non-Objection Certificate (NOC), a letter from your present sponsor certifying that you are permitted to open a new company in the UAE, may be needed in some free zones. Even though it may be the most difficult of all these tasks, the documentation need not be too stressful if it is concluded with professional assistance.

4. Get your Licence

This is one of the most straightforward steps. The government will provide you with a company licence once it has processed your application. When the clients' documents are ready for pickup, they get a notification.

5. Create a bank account

You will receive all the necessary papers after your documentation has been returned to you to open your business's bank account. Numerous domestic and foreign banks, notably Emirates NBD, Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank, and the Commercial Bank of Dubai, are headquartered in the United Arab Emirates. To help you choose the best option, you can contact your bank directly or consult your business setup partner to set up appointments with various banks.

6. Obtain your visa

This is the last stage of company formation in Dubai. Numerous free zones permit you to apply for visas for employees and dependents in addition to yourself; the number of applications you can submit will vary depending on whatever free zone you decide to establish your business in. Therefore, it is important to seek professional guidance if you apply for visas for a spouse, child, or another person. This is done to ensure that you and the person you want to sponsor for a visa fit the entrance requirements.

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