6 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Setting Up a Company in Ajman Free Zone

6 Reasons Why Startups Should Consider Setting Up a Company in Ajman Free Zone

11th, Sep 2022

One of the most popular business jurisdictions in the United Arab Emirates is Ajman Free Zone (AFZ), near two international airports and four seaports. Since its inception in 1988, it has served as the base of operations for numerous well-known organizations.

AFZ welcomes companies from a variety of industries. Several prestigious organizations and global corporations have built their trading subsidiaries, industrial divisions, professional service businesses, and e-commerce solutions here. In the Ajman Free Zone, getting a trading licence is always safe and easy. This means you don't need to spend much money for Ajman's free zone company setup. 

Do you know that in UAE, Ajman is the smallest Emirate? Well, yes, this fact might surprise you. However, it has consistently been the top choice for foreign business owners outside Dubai. So, if you're wondering about establishing a business in AFZ, continue reading this blog to learn more.

1. Quick Trade Licence Release

The company registration in Ajman Free Zone is very easy and straightforward. And this is one of the top reasons to establish a business here. You can simply obtain your trade licence in less than a day after completing the simple registration process. You only need to travel to Ajman once to sign up for necessary documents in front of authorities. The rest of the process can be handled by the organization remotely. You can easily start a business in the Ajman Free zone in two working days if you submit your application, all necessary paperwork, and business plan.

2. No governmental audit is required.

Government audits of AFZ enterprises are not required. The relief of being exempt from strict government audits will allow you to concentrate entirely on expanding your organization. By following effective business strategies, organizations can make the most profit possible with their freedom.

3. Process for Opening a Corporate Bank Account easily.

In many jurisdictions, creating a corporate bank account is an overwhelming process since it involves several legal processes. However, in the case of Ajman Free Zone, it is straightforward. Expats can open a corporate bank account by following a few simple steps. You can consult with the best company setup partner for great assistance. 

4. Low Cost of Labour

In AFZ, hiring White-collar and blue-collar workers is easy and economical. The lower labour cost would help to keep operating costs under control. Your profit would gradually increase as a result.

5. Possibilities for Visa

The availability of numerous packages with various visa choices is another advantage for business owners who are establishing a company in the Ajman Free Zone. Business owners can obtain up to three visas at a time and up to five visas with the Executive Office package. There is a special package for those who cannot afford a physical space, allowing them to benefit from the Flexi-desk package.

6. Sponsor Dependents

The Ajman Free Zone offers a simple and quick visa application process, but the best part is that you can sponsor your loved ones, friends, and colleagues. If they have the necessary space, people who meet the salary requirements may sponsor the visa application of their dependents.

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